Closeup of SAL Electronics SE-NMO-GP NMO connector on aluminum mounting plate.
Closeup of SAL Electronics SE-NMO-GP mounting plate (underside view).
SE-NMO-GP Ground Plane Kit shown with optional SE-NMO-V/U1 dual band mobile whip installed
SE-NMO-GP:  NMO Ground Plane Kit  (Antenna not included)
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$46.00       SE-NMO-GPU (UHF Connector)
$46.00       SE-NMO-GPN (Type-N Connector)
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SAL Electronics' heavy-duty Ground Plane Adapter made from 6063-T832 hard drawn 3/8" aluminum tubing with the SE-NMO-Whip antenna for permanent or temporary installation. Ground Plane elements are fiberglass filled at the top side to prevent moisture intrusion, plus adds greater mechanical strength for the mounting hardware. Element ends are fitted with UV resistant vinyl caps to prevent moisture, and to provide protection to tabletops when used indoors as an emergency antenna. Available in your choice of SO-239 (UHF Female) or Type-N Female connector at no extra cost. Add any NMO VHF/UHF antenna like the SE-NMO-V/U1 Dual Band Whip for example.
dual_band_gp.jpg se-vugp_conn.jpg
Vinyl end caps keep moisture out, and also provides mare-free surface support for tabletop mounting. (Shown with the optional SENMOV/U1 antenna installed)
Heavy-Duty zinc plated steel U-bolt. Accepts mast from 1" to 1-1/2" OD. (Shown with SENMOV/U1 Dual Band antenna installed.)
Heavy one-piece 6061-T6 aluminum mounting plate.
Fiberglass filled ends to keep out moisture while adding mechanical strength for the mounting hardware.
Assembled Weight:
Mounting Clamp:
Antenna Mount:
Cable Connector:
Wind Survival:
Assembled Height:
Assembled Width:

Mounting clamp:
Screws and Nuts:
Mounting Plate:
1.0 lbs.
1" to 1-1/2" OD pipe
Motorola style NMO
Either UHF Female, or Type-N Female
125 MPH, 70 MPH with 1/2" radial ice
20" (32" diagonal)

Zinc Plated U-Bolt
18-8 stainless steel
6061-T6, 0.09" one-piece aluminum
3/8" OD, 6063-T832 hard drawn aluminum