Horizontally mounted SE-20M Moxon beam antenna. Light enough to be turned with a small light duty TV rotor.
4NEC2 calculated radiation pattern for SE-20M set for 17 meter operation.
VSWR curve for SE-20M retuned for the 17 meter band (18.086 Mc to 18.168 Mc). Green line shows impedance; Red line shows VSWR, and Blue line show return loss.
Measured VSWR sweep of the SE-20M Moxon beam antenna between 13.900 Mc to 14.400 Mc.
4NEC2 calculated azimuth pattern for the SE-20M Moxon beam antenna.
SE-20M Boom-to-Mast bracket with two 2 in. OD mast clamps. Works with 1 in. to 2 in. OD mast.
SE-20M Moxon uses stainless steel hose clamps to allow field adjustment of antenna to specific frequency of interest.
SE-20M solid fiberglass element spacer shown in the 20 meter position.
Shown is the SE20M Driven Element UV resistant PVC mount with four UV resistant PVC tubing clamps.
SE-20M antenna elements use cold rolled aluminum bends.
Two piece boom splice used to connect to SE-20M boom halves and the Boom-to-Mast bracket.
Close up detail showing SE-20M driven element mount and connector detail.
SE-20M: 20/17 Meter Moxon Beam Antenna 
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The SE-20M, 20-Meter Moxon Beam covers 14.000 Mc to 14.350 Mc at 1.5:1 or less VSWR, or 18.068 Mc to 18.168 Mc at 1.3:1 or less VSWR when setup for 17 meter operation as well.  Heavy Duty construction that allows 80 MPH wind survival with 1/2" radial ice, yet light enough to be turned with a light duty TV rotor.  The SE20M uses tapered tubing construction that allows for 20 meter or 17 meter operation with minimal drooping of the elements.  Elements are constructed of 7/8", 3/4", 5/8", and 1/2" 6063-T832 hard drawn aluminum tubing.  Element mounts are built with UV resistant PVC, and stainless steel hardware.  Insulators are built from 3/8" and 3/4" UV resistant solid fiberglass rod.  The boom is constructed of 2" square 6061-T6 aluminum.  The mast mount allows for masts from 1" OD to 2" OD in a fixed horizontal position.
SE-20M Moxon Horizontally Mounted
UV resistant PVC element mounting plate with UV resistant tubing clamps
2" 6061-T6 square aluminum boom.
Forward Gain:
Maximum VSWR:
Power Limit:
Boom Length:
Assembled Weight:
Mounting Clamp:
SQ. Surface Area:
Cable Connector:
Wind Survival:
Antenna Width:
Element Depth:
Turning Radius:
Mounting Clamps:
Screws and nuts:
14 Mc. to 14.350 Mc. (1.6:1 VSWR or less)
or 18.068 Mc to 18.168 Mc (1.3:1 VSWR or less)
5.98 dBi (3.8 dBd)
-33 dB (Horizontal)
1.6:1 (14 Mc. to 14.350 Mc.), or 1.3:1 (18.068 Mc. to 18.168 Mc.)
50 ohms
120 inches
27 lbs
1" to 2" capacity
2.4 sq ft Horizontal
SO-239 (UHF Female), or optional Type-N
80 MPH with 1/2" radial ice
25 ft 9 in (14.200 Mc.), or 18 ft (18.150 Mc.)
114.5" (14.200 Mc.), or 112.5" in (18.150 Mc.)
164.875" Horizontal (14.200 Mc.), or 126.625" (18.150 Mc.) 
Zinc Plated
18-8 stainless steel
2", 6061-T6 x 1/16" wall
7/8", 3/4" 5/8" & 1/2", 6063-T832 double drawn aluminum
$345.00   SE-20M, 20/17 Meter Moxon with UHF Female Connector
4NEC2 calculated radiation pattern for the SE-20M @ 20 Meters
Blue = Horizontal Azimuth Pattern

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Typical SE-20M VSWR plot.  VSWR bandwidth is less than 1.5:1 from 14.00 MHz to 14.350 MHz.
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20m_moxon_h_pattern.jpg sal_electronics019007.jpg 17m_moxon_h_pattern.jpg
Typical SE-20M VSWR plot for 17 meter band .  VSWR bandwidth is less than 1.5:1 from 18.068 MHz to 18.168 MHz.
4NEC2 calculated radiation pattern for the SE-20M @ 17 Meters
Blue = Horizontal Azimuth Pattern
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Cold rolled corners
Boom splice plate and boom-to-mast bracket
Connector detail on driven element 
Fiberglass spacer (Shown in the 20 meter position)
2" OD Mast Clamps
Stainless Steel hose clamps used to adjust antenna elements