SAL Electronics SE-2HMK Mobile Mount Kit for SE-2H Halo Antenna
SAL Electronics SE-2HMK mobile mounting kit front view for SE-2H Halo Antenna
SAL Electronics SE-2HMK Mobile Mount Kit side view

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The following accessories are for SAL Electronics' 2 Meter antenna products. 
Phasing Harness Kits applicable to either the SE-2MB Moxon or the SE-2H Halo Antenna  The harness kits are equipped with two 3/4 wavelength cables with either UHF or Type-N connectors.  The harness kits are used to couple two Moxon or halo antennas at either 1/2 wavelength (2.5 dB), or 5/8 wavelength (3 dB) spacing to provide additional gain over a single halo antenna.  The low power kits are applicable to stations up to 500 Watts (250 Watts per antenna) and the high power is for stations up to 1,000 Watts (500 Watts per antenna).  All connectors use silver plating and are soldered for maximum strength and durability.  Tees used for the harnesses are nickle plated for maximum corrosion resistance.
NOTE:  Please specify frequency for harness.  Allow one day for fabrication. Thank you!

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The SE-2HMK is an optional mounting kit for the SE-2H Halo Antenna. The SE-2HMK will replace the standard mounting plate and 2" clamp with a 'U' channel bracket and two stainless steel clamps that can clamp to a mast as small as 3/4" OD. This arrangement will provide lower wind resistance for a typical mobile installation. Designed to accommodate mobile masts from 3/4" to 1-1/4" OD, (user supplied).
SE-LP2HU, Low Power Phasing Harness, UHF Connector
SE-LP2HN, Low Power Phasing Harness, Type-N Connector
SE-HP2HU, High Power Phasing Harness, UHF Connector
SE-HP2HN, High Power Phasing Harness, Type-N Connector
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SE-2HMK side view
SE-2HMK front view when applied to mobile installation
SE-2HMK mobile mounting kit components
Two stainless steel clamps
6063-T52 aluminum channel mast mount
SE-2HMK, Mobile mounting kit for SE-2H Halo Antenna
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